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As learners and teachers ourselves, we understand the challengers our peers face. DoryAI was crafted with your efficiency in mind, our vision is a world where learning is unrestricted by time and resources.

Flashcards, study notes, quizzes from anything
Generate flashcards in seconds with sources from Youtube, PDF, Document, or even your own custom prompt. Export into Kahoot, Anki, Quizlet to streamline your learning.
Generate flashcards in seconds, not hours.
Ever found yourself wasting more time creating flashcards than actually learning? Those days are over. Create flashcards at the speed of light and get to learning in no time.
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Write 10x fater with an AI writing co-pilot that continues writing in your style. Generate high quality study guides from lecture videos and PDFs.
Active recall with personalized feedback
We believe that no answer is right or wrong, DoryAI was designed to be a proactive and nurturing learning experience that gives you maximum room for growth.
Autocomplete your flashcard definitions
Simply type in your term or question, press ";;" and DoryAI will automatically fill in the definition for you. Create study sets 10x faster, no more searching the web, copy and paste the definition.
Create multiple choice quizzes in seconds
Simply type in your term or question, press ";;" and DoryAI will automatically fill in the definition for you. Create study sets 10x faster, no more searching the web, copy and paste the definition.

Our goal is to break learning barriers, offering instant flashcard creation from any source. Spend more time learning and less time preparing with DoryAI's effortless solutions.


Simplify flashcard creation with DoryAI. Our platform streamlines flashcard generation from diverse sources, enabling more effective teaching and learning experiences while saving valuable time.


Say goodbye to manual flashcard tasks. Our platform understands organizational challenges, offering seamless flashcard creation from any material.

We help you excel in any subject and curriculum

From core topics like math and language arts to specialized fields such as computer science and art history, our AI adapts seamlessly to any educational framework. Whether you' re a student, educator, or organization, DoryAI empowers you to conquer any subject with ease.

Medical Studies

Use smart flashcards to memorize anatomical structures, medical terminology, pharmacological classifications, and pathological conditions, aiding in exam preparation and knowledge retention.


Flashcards assist law students in memorizing legal terminology, case law precedents, key concepts, and definitions, facilitating bar exam preparation and legal studies.

Language Learning

Flashcards are essential for building vocabulary, practicing grammar rules, and reinforcing language skills in various languages.

Standardized Tests

Flashcards are instrumental in preparing for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and MCAT by helping students memorize key concepts, formulas, vocabulary, and test-taking strategies.

Professional Certifications

Flashcards are used to memorize essential information and concepts required for various professional certifications in fields such as IT, healthcare, finance, and project management.

STEM Subjects

Flashcards help students memorize mathematical formulas, scientific concepts, and key principles in subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science.

DoryAI makes education accessible and personalized.
Share your flashcards and quizzes
Easily share your flashcards and quizzes to your peers and study better, together.
AI open ended feedback
Receive personalized AI feedback on your answers to understand the topic in more depth.
Autocomplete flashcard definitions
Simply type in a command and DoryAI will generate an accurate definition to your flashcard term in a matter of seconds.
Generate content from any material
Freely upload any material, from Youtube videos, PDFs, to Powerpoint slides and documents. DoryAI will skim through and generate learning materials for you.
Export flashcards into Anki and Quizlet
Export your flashcards into platforms you already use, like Anki and Quizlet.
Export Quizzes into Kahoot
For teachers, export your quizzes into Kahoot to test your students more effectively.
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